love everyone, yourself, and this earth. simplicity is sexy, soak in the air farthest from the city, love your heart out, always smile, explore every part of your mind and once you are done start over again, be kind to every animal, drink too much tea, never stop allowing for your life to change for the simple fact that it will change, oh and please recycle.

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Day Nineteen- HoneyDewMelon #90dayphotochallenge (Taken with Instagram)

Day Eighteen- Studio Times. #90dayphotochallenge (Taken with instagram)

Day Seventeen- Running Around #90dayphotochallenge (Taken with instagram)

Day Sixteen- Apt 45. #90dayphotochallenge (Taken with instagram)

Day Fifteen- Oval Mirror #90dayphotochallenge (Taken with instagram)

I wonder where I will be in five years or even two. Who will I live with what will I be doing or what my biggest dream will be what job I will have if I will be happy maybe even have a lover of sorts. What life will be expecting out of me. What I will be expecting out of my life.

Day Fifteen- Basement. #90dayphotochallenge (Taken with instagram)

Day Fourteen- Jackpot #90dayphotochallenge (Taken with instagram)

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